baking soda-1000kg
baking soda-1000kg
baking soda-1000kg

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Characteristics:White granular (dense),white crystalline powder(light),anhydrous substance, easily Soluble in water, presenting alkaline solution, absorbing carbon dioxide and water conversion into sodium bicarbonate with lump.

Total  Alkali (AS Na2CO3)   99.2% Min.
NaCl                                        0.4% Max.
Fe2O3                                     0.004% Max.
Water insolubles                  0.04% Max.
Loss on ignition                    0.5% Max.

Basic and important chemical feed. used as metallurgy, textiles printing, food stuff, glass, enamel, medication, paper-making and other chemical
Producing methods :
Natural soda process
Natural soda ash through evaporation or carbonization to produce soda ash dense
Standards: GB210.1-2004
Packing: 50kgs plastic woven bags lined with one layer polythene bag or 1000kgs jumbo bag.